Future Ready 2019 - 2020 Curriculum

Future Ready 2019 - 2020 Curriculum

Term 1

1. Resolution: Future Ready

Welcome...let's get Future Ready! Look at how to make informed decisions, find out more about yourself and what might be the right path for you.

2. Love What You Do

Think about what makes you tick and translate these ideas into career pathways to enable you to love what you do.

Term 2

3. Study skills

Fast-paced, high energy, interactive workshop to improve memory skills, self-confidence, reflection and preparation for exams.

4. Going to university

Explore what university can offer, find out everything about student finance and how to get the most from university open days.

Term 3

5. Write Your Own Future: CV and cover letter writing

Top tips and tricks to wow apprenticeship providers and employers, giving you the edge when applying.

6. Write Your Own Future

Make your application a success with a great personal statement to help you stand out from the crowd.

More Information

The Future Ready curriculum is available for Level 3 Year 1 students and is delivered in conjunction with college departments. Each session is a one hour long interactive workshops and there is additional support activity available to enhance the programme.

What about Level 3 Year 2 students?

How can existing activity be supported

Funding is available for use with approved providers, departmental trips and other HE related activity. We can also provide additional supporting outreach activity through outreach departments from HEIs within our Essex partnership.

Sessions from the Future Ready curriculum can also be repeated for those students who need refreshers or who did not access the curriculum in their first year of study.

Funding opportunities

Departments are able to access funding for use with approved providers, departmental trips and other HE related activity for NCOP students.

Busaries are available for NCOP students who can apply for support to access activities that aid progression to HE. Applications must come through the in-college coordinator.