About Make Happen

Make Happen is part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) and is the name for the Essex Consortia. Make Happen represent a group of educational providers and interested parties brought together with a common aim to widen participation and help young people – Make Happen.

Based at The University of Essex, the Make Happen team lead on the development and implementation of outreach activity and the marketing and promotion of a range of events, activities and initiatives. Everything we do aims to inspire young people, raise their aspirations and promote interest in Higher Education to achieving their ambitions.

Make Happen are part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme which aims to:

­ • Double the proportion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Higher Education (HE) by 2020.
• Increase by 20 percent the number of students in HE from ethnic minority groups.
• Address the under-representation of young men from disadvantaged backgrounds in HE.