What needs to go in my personal statement?

What needs to go in my personal statement?
11th October 2016 mg_happen

Your personal statement is your chance to let universities and employers know exactly who you are and what you’re about. Admissions selectors will be reading thousands of personal statements, so it’s important you get it right.

You’ll need to explain why you’ve decided on your chosen subject or job role, give details of any relevant experience you’ve got, and the skills and attributes you have that make you an ideal candidate. It’s not enough to just list your talents; selectors want to see examples of situations and how you dealt with them and it’s important you link everything back to the main two questions: why this course and why pick you? This is your time to shine, so don’t be embarrassed to show off.

There are some really great resources to help you with your personal statement. Take a look at them here.