By Sam Forward. It has just become September, and you drag yourself to school, anticipating another questionable year of learning. Until you realise something is just beginning. GCSEs. The biggest examinations of your lives suddenly seem a lot closer, their malevolent aura striking fear into the hearts of you and all of your friends. What will you do? How can you be ready?

Like many young children starting secondary school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a career. As I progressed through school and was faced with choosing my options, this seemed to be a problem. However, since that point, Make Happen has provided me and many other students in the same situation with various experiences to give a taste of what different careers could entail.

Choosing your options

Choosing your options may seem quite challenging if you are unsure of what to take into consideration, and especially the thought of starting work may seem like an absurd thing to do this early on in your school journey. However, it is actually very important to pick the correct subjects because your career could be determined by the GSCE options that you pick in the transition into your later years of secondary school.

What options do I have for my GCSE?

Why take part in Make Happen events?

Personally, I have taken part in numerous trips and events organised by Make Happen and I can truly say they have guided me in what I want to do not just at college in the upcoming years, but in life.

One trip that still sticks in my mind is a residential to Loughborough University; a group of us got the rare opportunity to stay in university dorms and grasped what it is really like to be a student there.