A degree is widely respected in the world of work and it is something the graduate can always be proud of.

Some degrees are very specific to the chosen profession but others are more general and can open doors to many and various careers. A degree will retain its value throughout a graduates life even if they change direction and career paths.

It could be the next step in your education journey and can provide you with the qualification you need to start the career of your choice.


A degree is a qualification awarded to students when they successfully complete a course of study in higher education, normally at a college or university.

Some people who go to university have not decided on their future career, but studying for a degree can give you more time to make up your mind.

You may think that a degree will guarantee your dream job and you will be able to earn loads of money. For some people this is true, but it is not always that simple.

Studying at university is very different from school or college.

You will have less lesson time and more time to study independently. Lessons aren’t called lessons – there is a mixture of ways of learning at university including :

  • Lectures –last between one to three hours and are usually for large groups of students in Lecture Halls (a bit like a small cinema).
  • Seminars – smaller classes of 10 to 20 people for more in-depth discussions around the subject.
  • Tutorials – individual or small group sessions to meet your tutor to discuss assignments, exams and progress.
  • Practicals – hands-on approach to apply what you have learned for example in drama you will use studios for rehearsals and for science based courses you will have time in the labs.



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