An apprenticeship is not an easy option. If you are selected, you will be starting a challenging job and trying to make your way in the workplace whilst studying for a degree.

You are going to have to achieve on two fronts – at work and academically – with fewer holidays than a university student will get.

Competition for apprenticeships is tough and the decision making process is led by the employers. They will choose who they would like to employ and the process might include an interview and perhaps a task to show your ability.

Things to think about before you apply:

  • Are you sure of the career area and job role you want to go into?
  • Will you be able to balance academic study and work commitments?



Everyone has the right to be the best they can. Our website will give you the inspiration and information you need to decide your future career path. Make sure you check out our Events - there is something for everyone and not only do they help develop your skills, they're also great fun.

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