First things first...

What do you think
you want to do?

It’s a big question but don’t panic, there are people and resources that can help. Start by thinking about jobs that you might enjoy, research them and look at the different training available.

If you have no idea about a career, consider what interests you, what suits your personality? Talk to as many people as you can - access career websites like KUDOS at school and you could also use LinkedIn and Twitter to follow leaders and companies in the field that you are considering.

Every individual is just that – individual, so take your time to think about what would suit you.

“I liked PE at school but didn’t know what jobs there were apart from being an athlete!”
Joe, studying BSc (hons) Sports Therapy at UEL

Remember that you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do in the future but it helps to choose a subject area that interests, intrigues and inspires you.

Once you have a subject – you can research the multitude of careers that exist in that area.

Talk to your friends, family and teachers about the possibilities and ask yourself questions. Use the work pages to record your thoughts.




Everyone has the right to be the best they can. Our website will give you the inspiration and information you need to decide your future career path. Make sure you check out our Events - there is something for everyone and not only do they help develop your skills, they're also great fun.

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