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Don’t worry, nearly a third of parents and carers in our area have said that they don’t understand enough about the current world of work and jobs that exist to feel comfortable in advising their child.

It may help to try to unlearn any out-of-date careers advice you have heard and try not to push your ideas onto your teenagers!
You may have conflicting ideas … whilst you can see the value in going into work, you may also believe that university is the route to a good salary.

It is natural for you to want stability for your children but you also want them to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

“I didn’t go to uni but it might suit my son...I don’t know enough about it”
Sarah, Ben’s mum.

Sit down and help your child start thinking about what is important to them. Asking questions might help.

What type of education would suit them best – would they thrive in a professional team or by independent study?

Work together, research different choices and discover the wealth of new opportunities and job roles that exist.




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