An award-winning organisation with links to major employers that can offer a range of events, workshops, industry days and mentoring that inspire and support young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers.

STEM in a day

For maximum impact, join us for a 'STEM in a day' experience at a UK STEM employer. We'll teach you a related STEM skill (with a mini competition & prizes), give a tour of the best parts of the building and will introduce a number of women from the company to the group.

Tap & Tinker

Over 3 or 6 hours Stemettes will help you create a mobile app (Year 8 & 9), data visualisation (Year 10 & 11) or website (Year 12) related to a STEM topic of your choosing (or not). Girls will also hear about the careers of the Stemettes role models in attendance.

Afternoon with ….

Over 3 hours we'll run a panel event complete with Question Time, Networking games and Prizes at your school. Girls will hear from women (and one man) in a diverse set of STEM roles