Unlocking potential in young people through the power of communication. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to speak and be heard.

Our communication skills workshop unlock the individual’s potential, building confidence and preparing participants for university-style learning, teaching them how to share ideas with peers with confidence, clarity and impact. This improves education and employment prospects as well as the desire to use the power of their voice to bring positive change, with benefits spreading to the home, school, work, the economy and society.

Descriptive Copy - The training follows the established Speakers Trust “Speak Out” Challenge! model, which takes groups of mixed ability young people on a journey from fear to confidence around public speaking, empowering them to speak up on an issue that matters to them by introducing them to the communication triangle of content, delivery and structure. Each young person has five opportunities to speak and finishes the day by delivering a two-minute speech without notes to their peers.