An educational charity that uses the outdoors to help develop young people by running challenging and adventurous outdoor residential learning courses where the participants camp overnight and spend at least 2 hours away from modern-day amenities. The trips also include other activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, gorge walking and cutter sailing. These sessions are produced with the aim of giving the participants transferrable essential life skills such as setting and achieving goals, facing challenges with determination, cooperation and collaboration.

We work in partnership with schools, colleges and youth groups across the UK, delivering courses that are tailored to meet participants' needs, developing skills and qualities that enable them to thrive in education, work and life.

Evaluation of our courses continues to show that they promote confidence and ability in young people, helping them to develop a more positive outlook on life. Their emotional well-being and overall satisfaction with life improves and they develop a range of skills, from determination to the ability to set and achieve goals.

These skills are transferred back to school, where they help pupils become more confident, enthusiastic and effective learners.