INSPIRE your students, EQUIP them with the skills to succeed and SUSTAIN the momentum through encouraging independence and confidence.

Empower students to harness their own creativity, to develop a personal approach to studying and revision and to recognise that progress comes through focused effort. Student workshops- (Year 9-13)

  • CSI: mind mapping- developing focused attention
  • The light house: Detailed target-setting and action planning
  • Studying MADE simple: Creative approaches for independent study
  • Power Hour: Marginal Gains- Developing positive habits for success
  • Power Hour: Goals and Aspirations- Developing positive habits for success
  • Power Hour: Managing Student Stress- Develop strategies to identify and combat student stress
  • Power Hour: Rapid Revision- Read, review, condense and revise
  • Exams MADE Easy - Powerful revision and exam preparation strategies
  • Self MADE Motivation- Developing drive and a commitment to excellence
  • Peer Tutoring- Peer-assisted learning with a focus on Maths and English
  • Stepping UP- Advanced thinking skills for post-16 students

What People Say

"It was brilliant - who would have thought two hours focusing on exam preparation could be so enjoyable! It was fun, focused and fast paced. The students were engaged from beginning to end and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They have left school this afternoon with a wealth of strategies and techniques that will help them face the challenges of the weeks and months ahead. Exams MADE easy? Most definitely! Thanks for everything."