The Fix Up Team are a team of passionate people focused on motivating students, teachers, parents and encourage them to 'live their dreams and make it happen!'. The Fix Up culture is one of fun, creativity and inspiration conveyed with a high level of integrity. We run a range of workshops for different age groups.

1.6 million - Young people we've motivated in the last 16 years
Over the last 16 years we have been raising the aspirations of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to DREAM BIG & ACT NOW.


    • To empower the minds of individuals to achieve a better quality of life
    • To be the national centre for success and personal development
    • To train and develop leadership and excellence in people
    • To train leaders who will be able to carry out the vision of Change
    • To be a force for good and an agent for life changing strategies


      1. GCSE students, Sixth Form
      2. Lower school, Primary schools
      3. Undergraduates/Post graduates
      4. Raising boys/ girls achievement groups
      5. Gifted and Talented
      6. Parents
      7. Learning Mentors/ NQT’s
      8. SMT and more…

Teacher CPD

How to motivate students
This teacher training on how to motivate disadvantaged kids.It is designed to equip teachers with the tools necessary to boost motivation and increase aspiration.

Topics include

      • Understanding the 6 human needs
      • Discovering what drives disadvantaged kids
      • How to use your story to inspire

Parents Workshop How to motivate your kids.
This workshop is aimed at parents, teaching them the key techniques on how to encourage , empower and elevate their kids to aspire towards higher education. ‚Äč

Topics include

      • The power of words
      • 10 ways to praise your child
      • How to deal with difficult teenagers

Understanding the 6 human needs

What People Say

"Motivate your entire Year 11 cohort in a matter of hours. Book the FIXUP TEAM and you won't regret it. Staff and students will leave inspired for the rest of the academic year and your GCSE results will soar! Ours did...We've already booked next year."