An Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day is a fully resource day-long project, supported by two members of the experienced Enabling Enterprise team of qualified teachers.

An initial training session will be provided to teachers at each school. We would recommend choosing from one of these Challenge Days:

Key Stage 4/5 Commit to Confidence: A range of simulated professional scenarios will offer students the experience of developing and applying the skills needed for life after school. Students will reflect on their confidence, creating a personalised action plan to ensure that the experiences they have gained have a lasting impact.

KS4/5 Future Focus: Students will gain an insight into different areas of employment by taking part in a series of fast-paced, industry-specific challenges. They will have opportunities to reflect on their own skills and the careers they are interested in pursuing.

KS4 Chocolate Challenge: Students explore the links between mathematics and enterprise by creating a new chocolate brand. Students apply their numeracy skills to perform market research, create unique packaging, finance their products, and market their brand to retailers.

KS5 Social Entrepreneur: Students explore the different problems affecting the people in their community, before deciding who to help and how to help them. After developing a business plan and creating advertising material, students will present their ideas in a community trade fair.

KS4/5 Invest It Best: Students work in teams as trading desks, choosing which companies to buy shares in, and competing to make the most prudent long-term investment, using their knowledge of data handling and algebra.