UEL is an open and inclusive university, transforming people’s lives by developing skills and unlocking potential.

UEL outreach team works collaboratively with local schools and colleges to prepare young people to make the key decisions for their future in education. Working with students from primary through to post 16, we aim to ensure all our programmes raise awareness as well as developing skills and knowledge of higher education to support attainment into university, irrespective of background.

Whether a taster day, study programme, summer school or a visit, our outreach is:

  • Timely - adding value to the students at the point it is being heard
  • Relevant - mapped to the curriculum or area of interest for the student
  • Meaningful - workshops that engage, inspire, inform and challenge
  • Informative - provide young people with the tools and resources to take action

With the support of our ambassadors, academics and outreach team, UEL deliver key employability skills to move into successful careers, including – Self Belief, Self-Management, Teamwork, Communication and Problem Solving.

For more information on our outreach and who we work with, contact us at partnerships@uel.ac.uk or visit our website https://www.uel.ac.uk/connect/school-and-colleges/