The #kickstartmyfuture project is about ensuring young people receive consistent communication and interventions to raise their aspirations and changing their attitudes around Higher education pathways.

The #KickstartMyFuture project consists of the following 6 strands:

Group workshops for Yr.9 to Yr. 13:
The group workshops will consist of delivering activities around the different routes into Higher Education, defining what is a careers verses what is a Job.  Looking at the different sectors, and the different positions available, identifying what  qualifications are required and expected salaries.  This is delivered in a variety of methods but mainly interactive, depending on the year group.

Targeted Careers and Mentoring Support for identified NCOP Students in Yrs. 11,12 and 13
Identified NCOP students will receive HE focused targeted support concentrating on their routes into HE provision, ensuring they stay motivated, inspired and on track. This will comprise of 1-1  sessions or group work.   

Parents/Carer Awareness Events
It is quite common for young people to seek advice from their parents, who share their own journeys into the workplace or higher education.  They can be a huge influence on their children, so the workshop ensures that they have current information on HE provision, a balanced view on all the different pathways into HE, and link this into what it means for their son/daughter, supporting their application process.

Teacher Awareness Inset Sessions for HE Provision
Not all teachers are aware of what is currently available in HE, and the different pathways.  The aim will be to give them the knowledge of the different HE provision; how this relates to their subject areas; understanding the working environment and the skills required in the workplace.

Transition NCOP students from Yr.11 to College Provision
1-2-1 support for NCOP students throughout their college journey who have progressed from non-sixth form identified schools.

Morrisby Psychometric Profiling with Yr.12 and 13 identified NCOP students
For those students who are unsure about their future plans, on-line Morrisby Profiling will be offered to help them identify their strengths, preferences and education pathways.

Degree Apprenticeship Road Show
The road show will be aimed at young people to understand the wide variety of Degree Apprenticeships available to young people and to promote the positive aspects of the combined nature of apprenticeships and education. This should intern promote higher education and affect culture in schools.

The consistent nature of delivering an impartial and independent message to NCOP students across successive years ensures the positive impact of HE on their future choices and increased awareness of different pathways into HE.