We believe when you change your thinking, you can change your world. Our programmes are designed to do just that.

Time and again, we have seen that our unique combination of intense personal development and coaching allows people to increase their sense of agency (the feeling that they have ownership of their lives); their self-esteem to express and share who they are; their relatedness (the degree to which they feel connected and supported); and, the possibility they see for their future.

These attitudinal and mind-set changes lead to significant and long-lasting behavioural changes that transform young people’s life trajectory: 65% of young people on our programmes re-engage with education or start work; 94% increase their aspirations for their future; and, 66% increase their attainment levels.

Aspire is an established, structured programme delivered by Grit in secondary schools and FE colleges in Essex, in partnership with MakeHappen. Key to the programme’s success is strong relationships with schools and coaches, and the use of volunteer coaches (university students)  to support pupils as they engage with the programme and Grit’s methodology.

We work in partnership with individual schools to bespoke the programme to  meet the school’s priorities and students’ needs. And, we will work closely with MakeHappen to ensure the outcomes are achievable and meet the funder’s needs.


Key aims of Aspire:

  • Address and challenge mind-sets/attitudes of students in years 9-12, enabling them to build self-esteem, aspiration and resilience, such that they ‘choose’ to be responsible for their education and success in life
  • Train, support and supervise student volunteer coaches from University of Essex and Anglia Ruskin University to deliver high quality coaching


“The programme helped me achieve a lot and I can clearly see me improving in terms of my attitude and dedication.” Year 10 pupil.