Frequently Asked Question - What about living away from home?

What about living away from home?

Whilst there are benefits to staying at home whilst you’re studying, we can’t stress enough that university is much more than just studying.

Living away from home allows you to grow in independence. You’ll do the things you might have taken for granted before, such as cooking and laundry, you’ll learn to organise your time, and enjoy freedom you may not have experienced before, all in the safety of university accommodation. It’s the perfect way to prepare for fully-fledged adulthood.

Once you arrive, you’ll realise that so much happens outside of classroom hours, and there’s a risk that by living at home, you might feel a little like you’re missing out.

On top of all this, living with friends is a huge amount of fun. By staying in halls you’ll be BFFs in no time. You’ll bond over 2am pizza parties, last-minute revision sessions, cooking fails and triumphs, the BEST.NIGHT.OUT.EVER... They’ll become your family whilst you’re away.

So yes, you might save a few pounds by staying at home, but the experience you get from living at uni is priceless.