Frequently Asked Question - Will I Fit In At Uni?

Will I Fit In At Uni?

You’re not alone in feeling this way and you’re bound to have a few nerves, but if you’re keen to study a subject you love, get ahead in the job market, gain heaps of new life experiences, all whilst having a lot of fun, then we’re sure you’ll love it.

One of the most exciting and enriching things about university is the diversity. You'll meet people from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds. It’s not about ‘fitting in’ (although you'll be sure to meet lots of like-minded people too), it’s about discovering who you are, gaining independence, and fulfilling your ambitions, and you'll do this best by learning from those around you. Remember, everyone is in the same boat. Keep an open mind, don't be afraid to say hello, and you’ll be surprised about how quickly you settle in.
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