Frequently Asked Question - A lot of my students ask, 'But why should I go to University?'

A lot of my students ask, 'But why should I go to University?'

If the graduate vs non graduate salary stats don’t do the trick (grads can expect to earn more than £100,000 more than non-graduates over their lifetime), we’ve got a few ideas to help win over the sceptics.

University is a very different experience to school or college. As well as working to get a degree, students will have the life-changing chance to meet new people, try their hand at different sports or activities, get involved in countless clubs and societies, gain work experience, and even study abroad. It all adds up to be one incredible transformative experience. 84% of first-year students recommend university to anyone considering it. Stats like that really speak for themselves.

They’ll become independent, mature and confident adults, better prepared to take on the ‘real world’, bag themselves a great job (graduate employability is around 17% higher than that of non-graduates*), and make an impact on the world around them.

It’s about helping them achieve their dreams – whether that’s to run their own business, travel the world, save lives, or own a sports car. A degree can help make this happen.

It’s true, university isn’t for everyone, and there are many other routes students can take which lead to qualifications and employment. But we can’t say it enough – it’s vitally important students are given all of the facts, to enable them to make the right decision for them.

We’ve compiled some more great resources here, to help you help them Make Happen.

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