Frequently Asked Question - How can I help my students with UCAS applications and personal statements?

How can I help my students with UCAS applications and personal statements?

One of the best ways to help your students is to make sure they’re aware of (and sticking to) all of the dates and deadlines. Ensure they start preparing and researching early, and try to give them as much clear and impartial advice as possible to help them with their decision-making. Personal statements can be tricky. Your students may never have written about themselves in this way before, so it’s important to get them into the habits of self-reflection and thinking critically. When it comes to writing a personal statement, planning is vital. Make sure your students have a solid and well-structured plan which ticks all of the boxes. Past successful personal statements are especially useful and can provide examples of good structure and tone. It’s likely to take a few drafts before their personal statement is up to scratch, so offer feedback and constructive criticism throughout the process, and be their second pair of eyes – typos are a common no-no in personal statements. You might also be required to provide an academic reference for your students. Click here for more information about reference writing.

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