Frequently Asked Question - How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

All ready to go? Here are your next steps and top tips for successful application for an apprenticeship.

If you know the area that you are interested in you can start by looking for vacancies on the Find an Apprenticeship tool and you can also search on The Student Room and UCAS websites. If you are keen to work for a particular employer, look at their website and follow them on Twitter and other social media as this is often the first place you’ll hear about recruitment updates.

There is no fixed deadline for application to apprenticeships, vacancies appear throughout the year, so it is worth registering for new vacancy alerts at We suggest that you apply as soon as you can once you have found a role you want – companies often close their recruitment as soon as they have sufficient candidates.

Don’t panic and stay focused – remember an application for an apprenticeship is a competitive process, you are applying for a job so make sure that you sell yourself.

Top Tips:

  • Read the job description carefully and make a note of the entry requirement and what they are looking for under ‘essential qualities’
  • Research the company before you apply so that you know its key areas and understand its priorities.
  • In your application include all your relevant experience and skills and back up your statements with examples and evidence.
  • Make sure you have an appropriate email address and voice message on your phone.
  • Log in to your account regularly to track your applications and check your junk folder for emails.
  • Be confident and honest about yourself and your abilities.